"I fear this silence, this inarticulate life"

Hi, I'm Sara. Bryn Mawrter. I like coffee and puppies.

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I started a little personal side blog called Studio Succulents because of my growing obsession with (but not limited to) succulent plants. I really wanted a place to photo document the learning experience of having these cool plants and propagating progress shots.

There’ll probably be a lot of rambling so if plant talk is up your alley, you might like this! If not, you’ll be relieved that all my plant junk is migrating to one place, hooray!

Here it isstudiosucculents.tumblr.com


J. M. W. Turner - The Wilson Sketchbooks (1795-7)


nice and smooth

(Source: wemotoclothing)

(Source: kawaii-ocean)


Hanging out in the cloisters

(Source: triptych.brynmawr.edu)

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